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KWinQtCurve::IconEngine Class Reference

#include <qtcurvebutton.h>

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Detailed Description

This class creates bitmaps which can be used as icons on buttons. The icons are "hardcoded". Over the previous "Gimp->xpm->QImage->recolor->SmoothScale->QPixmap" solution it has the important advantage that icons are more scalable and at the same time sharp and not blurred.

Definition at line 78 of file qtcurvebutton.h.

Static Public Member Functions

static QBitmap icon (ButtonIcon icon, int size, QStyle *style)

Private Types

enum  Object { HorizontalLine, VerticalLine, DiagonalLine, CrossDiagonalLine }

Static Private Member Functions

static void drawObject (QPainter &p, Object object, int x, int y, int length, int lineWidth)

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